Saturday, 15 November 2008

Why is Mesothelioma So Deadly?

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On the way to modernization, humans have to admit that many sacrifices had to be made. Sky scrappers and tall buildings bring wealth to the world. What we might not realize is, the buildings where we spent hours working at our jobs can potentially be killers. It can be dangerous to you or the people associated with these buildings and establishments.
Corporate buildings are mostly based from asbestos. Roads, railways, hinges and sliding windows contain high amounts of asbestos. Thus, many construction workers are highly exposed to the diseases related to asbestos. One of them is mesothelioma, a rare yet deadly disease to us.
Mesothelioma does not happen naturally. It happens due to inhalation of asbestos for a long period. When inhaled, asbestos will settle a cancerous layer on the membrane protecting the inner organs. The most common mesothelioma is the cancerous attack on the outer layer of the chest cavity and the lungs. This is the reason why mesothelioma is widely known as lung cancer. The cancerous layer can also develop outside the abdominal cavity and outside our heart.
The bad news is, you can run around, play with your kids, sipping coffee on your balcony for years before you realize you have mesothelioma. It is only when mesothelioma reaches the critical stage that you will realize its symptoms. Dry cough, breathlessness, pain in the chest and throwing up are common symptoms of deadly mesothelioma. It is most unfortunate that you will only notice the symptoms when it is really too late for anything to be done about it.
Why is mesothelioma one of the deadliest diseases known to men then? The fact that it can lay dormant for decades without you noticing is one. When the doctor finally diagnoses you as the victim of mesothelioma, it is too late. You are unable to fight for it. This disease drains your energy and you will be bedridden, incapable of anything. You will be coughing blood before you know it and this is extremely painful.
As mesothelioma is highly associated with the respiratory system, you might notice that swallowing is a terrible business. To add to the suffering, breathing causes pain in your ribs. It really put you in a dreadful position, once you become a patient of mesothelioma.
The duration between inhalation of asbestos to mesothelioma is between 15 to 20 years. If your work requires you to deal with asbestos or anyone around you, take the safety step to have a full medical report. It is a good way to have a complete medical history to monitor any potential mesothelioma patients.
You might just wave off coughing and breathlessness. However, you need to remember that these can be the symptoms of mesothelioma. If you happen to suffer from these, do not wait until it becomes critical before you see the doctor. Early mesothelioma detection is important in order to settle for the type of treatment you need to receive.
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