Saturday, 15 November 2008

Facts And Misconceptions About Mesothelioma

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Mesothelioma is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in the health field. This is quite possibly due to the fact that many people who worked in or around asbestos, or were exposed to asbestos in one form or another are now starting to be diagnosed with this devastating condition. It is quite common for people who have mesothelioma to exhibit symptoms of the medical condition anywhere from as few as ten years to as many as sixty years after exposure to dangerous substances.
Mesothelioma is determined by the formation of cancerous cells in various areas of the body. The areas that are most prone to suffering from the results of this particular cancer include the lungs, heart, and stomach. However, it is essential that you understand that it has the potential to develop in many areas of the body. This is especially true of the areas that are protected by the "mesothelium". This coating protects many internal areas of the body. This is also how this type of cancer got its name.
A person who acquires mesothelioma may suffer through an assortment of symptoms. There are many common issues that one may encounter, such as pain in the area around the chest, difficulties in being able to breathe properly, lethargy, and coughing. There are other symptoms that a person may find that they are subjected to at more serious stages in the progression of the cancer. These symptoms include fluid that develops in and/or around the cavity of the chest, as well as coughing and vomiting up blood.
When the disease has progressed to its final stages, it is not uncommon for sufferers of the condition to experience issues with blood clots throughout the body. These issues may include stroke, damage to cells, and damage to important organs throughout the body. Weight loss and problems with sugar levels in the body are also quite common at more serious stages of the disease. Liver problems have been associated in the more severe cases of mesothelioma as well. These problems can cause a person to experience jaundice, or even complete liver failure.
There are many methods that medical professionals use in order to attempt to treat the illness, and comfort the patient that experiences this. Mesothelioma can be treated using surgery to remove tumors that may develop, radiation to try to kill the cancer and stop it from spreading, as well as immunotherapy. Patients are often given medication to help alleviate the pain and other types of discomfort that are associated with mesothelioma. The general prognosis for this particular condition is that it usually proves fatal. However, many people have experienced a successful recovery. If you have been diagnosed with this form of cancer, or know someone else who has been issued a diagnosis, it is essential that you educate yourself as much as possible. People should also be aware that this cancer is not considered contagious.
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