Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Good Mesothelioma Attorney Is Hard To Find

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The diagnosis of mesothelioma for you, a friend, or a loved one can be a very devastating experience. It is a comfort for many to know that there is legal recourse available to those who are suffering from this illness and those that are left behind once the suffering has ended. You cannot flip through a phone book without finding literally dozens if not hundreds of lawyers eager to be your mesothelioma attorney.
With so many eager beaver attorneys how on earth do you choose the one that will best represent you and put your needs first. In today's world of class action lawsuits and lawyers working on contingency fees you will often find attorneys who rack up client after client in hopes that one or two of the many will net them the big pay off. These sharks may claim to have your best interest at heart but they really throw you to the wolves and leave you to your own devices when it comes time to fill out complicated and detailed medical histories, work histories, and the entire recording of your life's events until you were diagnosed with this horrific illness.
No matter how many attorneys are out there hoping to turn a buck off of your misery on your behalf, you can be fairly certain that there are an equal number of attorneys getting fat off the checks and misery handed out by the defendants as well. The only people who really win in these cases are the lawyers. So your best bet is to find a hungry lawyer how really needs to win your case rather than one who is playing the odds that one of hundreds of cases will pay off in the end. While there are many who recommend finding an attorney or a firm that has tried many mesothelioma cases, I recommend the opposite. Others recommend you check out a firms success rate, I believe you will get better odds utilizing this method but still recommend going with someone who works with a firm large enough to handle the mountain of paperwork these cases generate but small enough that your individual case is important to them and I would never go with a firm that didn't provide one on one time with the attorney that will be handling my case. But that's just me. If he's going to profit from my misery, then he should darn well take the time to look me in the eye and shake my hand.
There are many kinds of lawyers and attorneys in today's world and those who profit from the misery and suffering of others (I guess that could really be said of any lawyer) provide a service that benefits society as a whole and keeps companies responsible for their deeds and actions and the suffering that is caused as a result of their negligence. While they may not be the cream of the crop among the attorney hierarchy, these attorneys are the ones that society as a whole turns to when they are hurt, angry, frightened, and most importantly when they need to know who is responsible and make them pay. A good mesothelioma attorney may be hard to find but he is worth his weight in gold.
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