Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Glimpse At Mesothelioma Info From The Past

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If you look up mesothelioma info you will find that this is a term given to the cancer that is caused by asbestos. This is a disease that is contacted mostly by those who work in close proximity with asbestos products and materials. What is asbestos? This is a mineral which has some extraordinary properties, such as being fireproof and an exceptional insulator.
It seems that the ancient Greeks who coined the name for this mineral, meaning "inextinguishable," knew that it harmed humans if they were exposed to it for a long time. However, in modern times, since the products containing asbestos were very popular, and profitable, the dangers were ignored.
In the 1900s, it was first publicly accepted that asbestos and all things that contain asbestos could cause death among those who were continuously exposed to it for a long time. Twenty years later, doctors in England had sufficient mesothelioma info to conclusively support the relationship between the prolonged exposure to asbestos and death; this too was particularly attributed to lung diseases.
It was also found that with better ventilation, not only was indoor air quality improved, but the risks and fatalities were lowered. These steps were legalized and became standard procedure in England and in may other countries across the world.
Though mesothelioma info was widely circulated amongst manufactures and all those who were concerned with making and promoting asbestos products, it was only in the 1970s that the workers were at last protected from harm. Until then, everyone chose to ignore the dangers, only looking at the high profits that these asbestos containing items were generating. By that time, the deadly material had already clamed many lives of individuals who had worked with it, as well as the lives of many of their family members.
It took the world more than half a century to realize, accept, and to take action to curtail one of the most harmful side effects in the industrial field. Though complete mesothelioma info was known as early as the 1900s, people were sacrificed for profit since the asbestos products were in high demand at that time and the lower class laborers were deemed expendable.
Unfortunately, during these 50 plus years, many asbestos cases have developed and a great number of people who worked with and were exposed to the material had already developed cancer or mesothelioma and were on their death bed. This is a classical example of lives being sacrificed for profit.
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