Saturday, 15 November 2008

Mesothelioma And 9/11

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The name Mesothelioma was not unknown to the people of the ancient civilizations. Asbestos also received its name from the Greek civilization because of its inextinguishable property. The reaction of this mineral on human body was to certain extent known to these people. At the latter half of the nineteenth century the use of asbestos once again came to the forefront. The reasons were quite valid because asbestos had the exclusive property of insulation and was really inexpensive.
Mesothelioma in the present situation
With the rise in the use of asbestos, Mesothelioma started making a common name in the history of Medical Science. The disease had spread widely to millions by the middle of the twentieth century. Around 1970s several court cases were filed for compensation because those who suffered from Mesothelioma cancer were mainly the workers in some or the other asbestos companies.
After the increasing number of lawsuits a declining number of Mesothelioma patients had been observed for a few years in the last decade of the twentieth century. This was definitely good news for all. Actually due to the legal pressure both the asbestos companies and the insurance companies were undergoing continuous financial stress because they had to lose millions just for each case coming with complaints against them. Especially the companies directly and indirectly dealing with asbestos as the raw material put a bar on it and substitutes were being used.
But everything thing changed with the 9/11 disaster.
Biggest blow at the dawn of 21st century
The 9/11 Disaster or the WTC attack brought the world to a standstill position. We all know what a loss had the whole world face at this single devastation. After half a decade the 9/11 massacre is not just fresh in our minds as an incident, many of us are actually carrying the remains of this devastation within us. Mesothelioma has once again outburst after this havoc mayhem.
The next decade is being considered by many lawyers to be one of the biggest time periods to deal with huge numbers of Mesothelioma cases. After the 9/11 Disaster asbestos fibers have become free floating in nature with the demolition of the twin towers. So the disease is not within the limits or the premises of an asbestos company. It is freely roaming in the air we breathe and affecting not only the Americans but also everyone existing under the sun. Mesothelioma can take the shape of an epidemic in recent future. The threat is always there.
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